Portrait von Cluster
  1. Cluster – 21:32
  2. Cluster – Georgel
  3. Cluster – Caramel
  4. Cluster – Sowiesoso
  5. Cluster & Eno – Ho Renomo
  6. Cluster – Prothese
  7. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius – Tzima N’Arki
  8. Cluster – Tristan An Der Bar
  9. Cluster – Gespiegelt
  10. Cluster – So Ney
  11. Eno & Cluster – By This River

I used to listen to Cluster’s catalog on repeat as I first learned to record myself onto 8-track cassette. I wondered how I could manage the creative patience that Moebius and Roedelius had to conjure their organic landscapes within the confines of electric circuitry. Julian Cope described them as a kind of married couple who would “let their machine-generated muse fire up and sit there in front of it, like a hot stove.” Could I see my own altar of synthesizers and drum machines with that brimming potential? Electronics alive, extensions of my own hands and heart? Cluster has an indefinable calm amid their at times apocalyptic soundscapes, never telling us what they might know about what lies ahead for humankind. The duo communicates beyond the confines of preordained musical frameworks into an unknown psychic space that begs us to fall deep into the secret beauty of their sonic experiments.
– Ramona Gonzalez, Nite Jewel