Eiko Ishibashi#15

Portrait von Eiko Ishibashi
  1. Supertramp – Bloody Well Right
  2. Autechre – Live in Brussels
  3. Bernard Parmegiani – La Gurre des Insectes1,2,Je tu elles
  4. Bill Fay – The Room
  5. Frank Sinatra – She says~The Train
  6. Christian Bock – Klippt Hyland
  7. Sharta, Adami & Aggie Kowunna – Songs of Eskimos
  8. Walter Marchetti – Natura Morta
  9. Henry Kaiser – A Little Stroke of Light
  10. Juan Hidalgo – Rrose Selavy
  11. Tony Williams – Mr.Spock
  12. Steely Dan – Aja
  13. The Swingle Singers – Concerto in F major Largo
  14. Jack Nitzsche – We’re Old Enough
  15. Tim Berne, Bill Frisell – Carolina
  16. Cole Porter – When Love Comes Your Way
  17. Ron Geesin – The middle of whose night?
  18. Kevin Drumm – Untitled
  19. Cecil Teylor – Indent
  20. Suicide – Harlem
  21. Peter Gabriel – Games without frontiers home demo
  22. Nina Simone – Strawberry Woman
  23. Glenn Gould – Beethoven bagatelles op 126 no3 Andante
  24. Anders Blomqvist – Carpe Diem
  25. Ruedi Hausermann – Gehore ich zu denen, die sich gerne zeit lassen?
  26. Jean Joel Barber – Satie Cinq Nocturnes
  27. Paul Motian – War Orphans

When we asked Eiko Ishibashi a few weeks prior her breathtaking performance at Week-End Fest 2019 to contribute to this series, she sent us a list of the songs that she would possibly include. This list clearly showed us the wide range of music she is listening to and feels inspired by. In this excellent mix she proves how appealing musical contrasts can be – Supertramp and Autechre – Suicide and Peter Gabriel – The Swingle Singers and Jack Nitzsche. Ishibashi says: “I chose the songs by scattering records on the floor and then putting them back onto the shelf. I had a wonderful time – listening to great music always reminds me I am not enough.” Now please get ready for one of the most inspiring episodes yet!