Jim O'Rourke#18

Portrait von Jim O'Rourke
  1. Wlodzimierz Kotonski – Antiphonae
  2. Iannis Xenakis – Xas
  3. George Russell – Listen to the Silence
  4. Jaap Vink – Stroma
  5. Sand – Helicopter
  6. Autechre – Sinistrel Sentinel
  7. Hino Terumasa – Shun X
  8. Loren Connors – Wait Until Day
  9. Kingdom Come – Time Captives
  10. Frank Zappa – Low Budget Music for Orchestra
  11. Julius Eastman – Joy Boy
  12. Wim Mertens – Circles

Jim O’Rourke’s vast, enthusiastic love of music is on full display with this mind-blowing mixtape. Effortlessly weaving together sincerely unique realms, Jim shines the light on some lesser explored corners of classical, jazz, electronic, prog, experimental & unclassifiable. Like any good mix ~ this will turn you on to some future favorites. Now we’ve had the new pleasure of hearing Kingdom Come and Autechre. With keen ears and cinematic grace, selections dissolve and crossfade masterfully: the levitating states of Roland Kayn-colleague Jaap Vink bridging seamlessly into the meditative prog dragonfly of Sand; you may soon find yourself investigating Polish composer Włodzimierz Kotoński (who opens the program); and you may recognize US mavericks both well-known (Frank Zappa) and finally-getting-their-due (Julius Eastman). Minimalist tendencies and woodwind orgasms abound here (Xenakis’s saxophone quartet “Xas”, Wim Mertens’ curtain call “Circles”), but Jim has a knack for recommending the most organic of classical spheres. This dream offers you a very plush plasma to sink into, lights off! – Scott McGaughey