Juana Molina#46

Portrait von Juana Molina
  1. Eduardo Mateo – Niña
  2. Eduardo Mateo & Jorge Trasante – Voz de Diamantes
  3. Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
  4. Micachu & The Shapes – Heaven
  5. The Music Machine – Masculine Intuition
  6. Verónica Indart & Eduardo Mateo – Hombre
  7. Tune-Yards – Riotriot
  8. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Guinevere
  9. Eduardo Mateo, Federico & Figares – Margaritas Rojas
  10. John Lurie, Marc Ribot, Marvin Pontiac & Tony Scherr – No Kids
  11. Syndicate Of Sound – The Witch

The inimitable, wonderful, bewitching Juana Molina is a visionary artist who, “…like Brian Wilson or Kevin Shields, pulls off the most out-there material with melodies nearly as accessible as conventional pop” (Rolling Stone). Born in Buenos Aires in 1961, Molina had become the most popular comedian in Argentina by the mid 1990s. She found herself reflecting, thinking “…this really isn‘t what I wanted to do,” so she cancelled the TV show and decided to pick up music again. Since then she has released eight albums full of musical diversity and great inspiration.