Laetitia Sadier#29

Portrait von Laetitia Sadier
  1. Tartit – Buloululba
  2. Sam Prekop – Dot Eye
  3. Myron & E – Broadway
  4. Insolito Universo – Transmutada
  5. Hailu Mergia – Shilela
  6. Vanishing Twin – You Are Not An Island
  7. Ryan Power – I Am The Cave Man
  8. Domenico Lancellotti – The Good Is A Big God
  9. Cleaners from Venus – The Jangling Man
  10. Aquaserge – Tintin on est bien mon loulou
  11. Moodoïd – Only One Man

Laetitia Sadier has proven over the years to be a tireless and thoughtful explorer of the pop music form. Over the course of her career with McCarthy, Stereolab, Monade, and her solo work, her innate sense of melody and harmony is matched by her thought provoking, sometimes whimsical lyrical themes. When that is not enough she has taken the initiative to learn new instruments (keys, guitar, trombone) in order to achieve the end result she is looking for. In short- she is not afraid to put in some hard work to further the form she loves. That attitude is represented by the set she presents here for her Week-End Mixtape episode.

– Douglas McCombs, Tortoise