Marker Starling#1

Portrait von Marker Starling
  1. The Diddys featuring Paige Douglas – Intergalactic Love Song
  2. The Four Tops – Strung Out For Your Love
  3. Jesse Henderson – I Did It Again
  4. The Blackbyrds – Love Don’t Strike Twice
  5. Al Johnson & Jean Carne – I’m Back For More
  6. The Rance Allen Group – I Feel Like Going On
  7. Shalamar – There It Is
  8. Vaughan Mason & Crew – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
  9. Dynasty – I’ve Just Begun To Love You
  10. Dan Greer – Love Is The Message
  11. Tomorrow’s Edition – A Song For Everyone
  12. Con Funk Shun – Love’s Train
  13. The Valentine Brothers – Just Let Me Be Close To You
  14. Intrigue – Fly Girl
  15. S.O.S. Band – Weekend Girl
  16. Rockie Robbins – I’ve Got Your Number
  17. Atlantic Starr – Silver Shadow
  18. Rene & Angela – Your Smile
  19. Innerlife – Your Love

“Intergalactic Love Song (1976-1986)”. For all the fans, lovers, rockers, skaters, and rollers, Chris A. Cummings made this mix spanning the years that included Disco, Post-Disco, Modern Soul, Boogie, and the greatest Slow Jams. A lot of his recent favorites are included, and the many faces of R&B during this period are represented, from the scratchy, muffled production of the ultra-rare Diddys featuring Paige Douglas title track, to the glassy tones of Jam & Lewis. Take an intoxicating tour with Mr. Cummings as the late seventies give way to the gateway year 1980, through to the synthed-out, smoothed-out sounds of the mid-eighties.