Shintaro Sakamoto#9

Portrait von Shintaro Sakamoto
  1. Kan Mikami – Karasu
  2. Maki Asakawa – Uramado
  3. Meiko Kaji – Kiba no Ballade
  4. Yukari Kaneko – Kamen
  5. Akihiro Miwa – Akuma
  6. Ken Togo – Sukinanya
  7. Jacks – Dokoe
  8. The Spacemen – Awa Odori (Awa Crazy Dance)
  9. Fumio Nunoya – Asa Mega Samete
  10. Fujio Yamaguchi – Dokoe Ittemo

Unknown Japan. While every music lover in the West will have a selection of the masterpieces of Nigerian Afrobeat or the Brazilian Tropicalia movement in their record collections by now, Japan continues to represent a blank spot on the map for even the most adventurous pop-music aficionados. On the ninth Week-End Fest Mixtape, solo artist Shintaro Sakamoto gives us a little insight into Japanese pop culture of the late ’60s and ’70s. In the process, the former singer and guitarist of successful psychedelic rock band Yura Yura Teikoku shows that his taste is as eclectic as his own music: ten favourite songs from almost as many genres. Blues, folk, pop, surf and garage rock – Japan has been in tune with the times for almost every pop music genre you care to think of.