Sonny Rollins#50

Portrait von Sonny Rollins
  1. Coleman Hawkins – Body and Soul
  2. Billie Holiday – Lover Man
  3. Art Tatum – Humoresque
  4. Nat King Cole (trio) – I Realize Now
  5. John Coltrane – Naima
  6. Charlie Parker – Barbados
  7. Lester Young – Afternoon of a Basie-ite
  8. Paul Robeson –Ballad for Americans
  9. Lester Young – Jumpin, with Symphony Sid
  10. Coleman Hawkins – The Man I Love

Sonny Rollins is a timeless musical legend whose iconic tenor sound is undeniably recognizable by way of his distinct timbre, power, and finesse. In speaking of his own music, Rollins has said: I want to be connecting with the subconscious, if I can call it that, because there are not to° many words to describe the real deep inner part of a human being… I want to be at that place where everything is blotted out and where creativity happens, and to get there I practice, you know I’m a prolific practicer, I still practice every day… You have to have the skills, then you want to not think when you’re playing, that’s when you let whatever deep level of creativity, spirituality, I mean, you know these words are so inadequate these days but you want to get to this place where they exist.