Sun Ra Arkestra#16

Portrait von Sun Ra Arkestra
  1. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – On Jupiter
  2. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Sleeping Beauty
  3. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – UFO
  4. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Seductive Fantasy
  5. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Sunology (part I & II)
  6. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – After Hours
  7. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Horoscope
  8. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Springtime Again
  9. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Enlightenment
  10. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Possession
  11. Sun Ra & his Arkestra – Medicine For A Nightmare (live)

The work of Sun Ra and his Arkestra encompass an entire solar system of challenging and outstanding music – even the most dedicated jazz fan can quickly become “lost in space” in this huge body of work. So what could be better than an experienced space traveler, or two, to take you on a trip to the most beautiful spots in Ra’s Omniverse? Saxophonists Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott have each put together five of their favorite compositions by their bandleader, who has himself been traveling other worlds since 1993, for the Week-End Mixtape series. While Arkestra leader Allen mainly focuses on the period in the late 1970’s when Sun Ra was probably closer than ever to “spiritual jazz”, Scott goes back to the 1950’s when Ra’s music was still clearly anchored in the big-band and rhythm-and-blues tradition. (Tracks 1-5 selected by Marshall Allen, Tracks 6-11 selected by Knoel Scott)
“My selections also reflect my love of John Gilmore as a musician and a mentor. Notwithstanding that my introduction over the last twenty years has come from Marshall Allen. ‘Jazz in Silhouette’ was my introduction to the music of Sun Ra and it will always be my favorite album.” – Knoel Scott, April 2020