Fest XI

Oct 28 2022

  • Tereza
    Bild von Tereza

    Chemnitz is well known for its lively subculture scene. The best evidence is Tereza. Week after week, in clubs and open-air locations all around Europe. Robyn S meets gospel, house into Afro-beats, Tyler The Creator to Outernational Dance—togetherness, the urge to dance, community and a love for people and music. @Carhartt WIP Stage

  • Nu Genea
    Bild von Nu Genea

    If you wish to hear the soul of the Italian metropolis Naples, then lend an ear to Nu Genea. Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina, the duo at the centre of this Italo-funk combo, manage to encapsulate the cultural characteristics of the city perfectly in their music. They sound like a mysterious summer on the beaches of Capri, in the shadow of Vesuvius, in the narrow alleys of the old town. Spiritual and sunny. @Main Stage

  • HAWA
    Bild von HAWA

    While we wait in anticipation for HAWA’s album, to be released on November 4th on the British label 4AD, her EP “The ONE” unswervingly storms the playlists. Her sound, somewhere between Nu R&B and rap, is already unmistakable, characterised by her precision songwriting and composition skills.
    @Main Stage

  • Wau Wau Collectif
    Bild von Wau Wau Collectif

    Arouna Kane and Karl Jonas Winqvist and their project Wau Wau Collectif demonstrate that difference can also be very productive. Together they determine characteristics and synthesise these into a sound that unites the reserved Nordic temperament and rhythmically strong Senegalese folk music. Main Stage

  • Pak Yan Lau
    Bild von Pak Yan Lau

    The Brussels-based artist Pak Yan Lau uses her instruments to blur the boundaries between high culture and folk traditions, searching for the hidden beauty of their sound. This sonic universe is reminiscent both of the Gamelan music that Pak Yan Lau grew up with and the weird, inspired ambient music of recent years. @Carhartt WIP Stage

@Stadthalle Köln-Mülheim

Oct 29 2022

  • Mingus Project
    Bild von Mingus Project

    Last year an ensemble, under the direction of the arranger Jorik Bergman, dedicated itself to the powerful work of American composer Julius Eastman. In 2022 the focus falls on a god of the jazz Olympus. Just in time for what would have been his 100th birthday, Bergman and musicians from Cologne and all around the world will perform Charles Mingus’ once-in-a-century recording “The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady”. This album is one of the most important in jazz history. @Main Stage

  • Coby Sey
    Bild von Coby Sey

    The old London borough of Lewisham, with its chequered history and ethnically and socially diverse population, is inspiration for the little stories that Sey writes and performs in sprechgesang. Somewhere between hip-hop, dub-(step) and grime. @Carhartt WIP Stage

  • Ibeyi
    Bild von Ibeyi

    Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Díaz are sisters and together make up one of the most important bands in global pop. As daughters of the famous “Buena Vista Social Club” percussionist Miguel Díaz, they walk in their father’s footsteps and evoke the ghosts of their Yoruba ancestors with Afro-Caribbean beats and drums. They are formidable songwriters and sing in earthy tones about the world and being twins. @Main Stage

  • Astrid Sonne
    Bild von Astrid Sonne

    Denmark’s Astrid Sonne is actually a trained violist in the academic, classical music tradition. But instead of landing in a state orchestra, the 27-year-old preferred to search for her own musical path. Her electronic sounds and plucks of summery strings, with repetitions and gentle melodies, are captivating. @Carhartt WIP Stage

@Stadthalle Köln-Mülheim