Portrait von Dâm-Funk


Dam-Funk is keeping the Funk alive.

Dâm-Funk is keeping the Funk alive. Dâm knows a lot about his favourite music from the 1980s, the way it was made and what it takes to make a hit. Even though he dropped excellent solo records (Toeachizown, Adolescent Funk & Invite The Light), and albums with Snoop Dogg (7 Days Of Funk) & Steve Arrington (Higher), he is still considered underground. The few times I met him he was always humble and very polite. Dâm-Funk is a cool cat, dope singer, DJ & musician with a unique style. The world needs more of those. Happy birthday!
– Twit One

  1. André Cymone – Kelly’s Eyes
  2. Ekkah x DāM-FunK – Space Between Us
  3. ZINC – This Is Where The Love Is
  4. Rocket – It Keeps Me Coming Back
  5. Starshine – All I Need Is You (Instrumental Version)
  6. First Love – Party Lights
  7. Prefab Sprout– Appetite
  8. Gary Numan – Cars
  9. Todd Rundgren – Does Anybody Love You?
  10. Prince – Lady Cab Driver