Markus Acher

Portrait von Markus Acher

Markus Acher

Markus Acher`s band The Notwist performed at Week-End Fest back in 2015.

Since Markus Acher’s band The Notwist performed at Week-End Fest back in 2015 we have remained in close contact, sharing the music we love and organising shows together with artists we admire. One of the pivotal bands throughout these exchanges has been Tokyo’s experimental-for-pop duo Tenniscoats, with whom Markus formed a band, Spirit Fest, a few years ago. Alongside their new record Mirage Mirage, band member Saya Ueno has also created a spectacular new compilation, Minna Miteru, offering a wonderful insight into the contemporary Japanese music scene that Acher is very much affiliated with. This dedication and love of music is what our Mixtape series is all about, so we asked Acher to pick a selection of his favourite artists at present. The result is an hour-long, 19-song mixtape, including Maher Shalal Hash Baz, OOIOO and Eddie Marcon, who we already know and

  1. Asuna – Happy Misunderstanding
  2. Wasurerogusa – 旅鳥
  3. CAT or DIE – Peanuts
  4. Maher Shalal Hash Baz – Crossing the Tama River
  5. Tenniscoats – Flying Saucer
  6. Hose – Baseball
  7. OOIOO – Tune
  8. Takashi Ueno – Ueno’s Phonemachine
  9. Reiko Kudo – Mrs Wheeler
  10. Grim Grim – Kazega Fuitara Sayonara
  11. Nikasaya – Siroi Ohisama
  12. C.Memi – Ishin-Denshin
  13. Lunapark Ensemble – Mushikui Mandara
  14. Kama Aina – Wedding Song
  15. cCacoy – Yoko Mjikick Ono
  16. Tsuby – Taiyo
  17. Hallelujahs – A Wish
  18. CAT or DIE – Marasada Donut
  19. Eddie Marcon – あむぃんぼう (Amuinbow)