Suzanne Ciani

Portrait von Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani, proud woman and inspirational musician, the one and only Diva of the Diode!

I was a child when I first heard Suzanne Ciani’s voice in a futuristic pinball machine called “Xenon.” To me, that machine had a soul – It was completely different from anything else a child might bump into at that time, and I never forgot that voice as I grew up. Many years later I came to love her music as well, and, thanks to a joint interview, we have since become friends. Every time we meet, whether she talks or plays music, I just can’t avoid being hooked by her incredible charm; nobody can. A while ago we were enjoying a fantastic dinner at Romolo’s restaurant in Trastevere and one of our friends, a music professor in Rome, told her that his students would love to meet her; what happened next is that they started showing up at the restaurant, one after another, every five or ten minutes. An hour later there were at least 10 of them sitting with us. This pure moment of joy gave me a real life glimpse of how much Suzanne is loved and revered.

Happy birthday to my dear Suzanne, proud woman and inspirational musician, the one and only Diva of the Diode!

– Donato Dozzy

  1. Jonathan Fitoussi – Dunes
  2. Lisa Bella Donna – Rahmenerzählung
  3. Alessandro Cortini – Gira
  4. Caterina Barbieri – Pinnacles of You
  5. Il Quadro di Troisi – Non Ricordi
  6. Floating Points – Argente
  7. Murcof, Vanessa Wagner – Metamorphosis 2
  8. Joep Beving – Hanging D
  9. Glen Gould– Aria, Goldberg Variations (1955)
  10. Roxy Music – Avalon