Portrait von Woo


British brothers Clive and Mark Ives are WOO. They have been recording together since the 1970s.

British brothers Clive and Mark Ives have been recording together as WOO since the 1970s, over which time they have developed a sound wholly their own, combining acoustic instrumentation (primarily guitar and clarinet) and electronics in a way that makes their music sound simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. Their unique sound is hard to pin down as a single genre, touching upon jazz, psychedelic, ambient and folk/pop idioms, and drawing comparisons to Durutti Column and The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. They originally recorded two albums, the 1981 debut “Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong” and 1989s “It‘s Cosy Inside,” which was rediscovered by a younger generation and has been rereleased in recent years. In their Week-End Fest mixtape they chat with their pal Jon Doo about their way of working, and play their favorite Woo tracks including a number of previously unreleased, never before heard tracks!

  1. Woo – First Night Nerves
  2. Woo – Chocolate Fountain
  3. Woo – Ruby Ruby
  4. Woo – The Purple Pussy
  5. Woo – Baa Lamb
  6. Woo – The Girl From The Green Planet
  7. Woo – The Poets Progress
  8. Woo – Stardust
  9. Woo – A Complex Art
  10. Woo – The Bird
  11. Woo – Harmonic Drive
  12. Woo – Find The Place Where You Belong
  13. Woo – Space Time
  14. Woo – The Typewriter
  15. Woo – The English Style of Rowing
  16. Woo – Meet Me on a Star
  17. Woo – Deep Within
  18. Woo – Forever Healing
  19. Woo – Waxwings Overture