Claire Rousay

Cover von Claire Rousay

October 9–15 2022
Alte Feuerwache, Köln

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Live October 12 2022

Funded by RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur

Claire Rousay, now living in Los Angeles, moves musically in the area between acoustic fieldwork, ambient, drone and musique concrète. Her delicate, transparent tracks, EPs and albums revolve around the concept of “social space and community”; ambient sounds and reserved piano tones become soundscapes, field recordings are interwoven with drones.

In the course of our 2022 Week-End Residency, this October Claire Rousay will come for a week to Cologne, where she will develop and produce new sound worlds and tracks with local artists and musicians.

Claire Rousay (composition)
Julia Brüssel (violin)
Emily Wittbrodt (cello)
Luisa Paolini (voice)